Thought for the day – November 29, 2014

"Every morning is a new gift: a day that’s yet to be written. Do you plot a new course & author an epic? Or just re-read yesterday’s tragedy?"  by B. Dodge

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One Response to Thought for the day – November 29, 2014

  1. Brenda Jank says:

    Hi Jill, Just enjoyed looking through your site.  Thank you for your words of wisdom! I wish we were still sitting under that nut tree beside the gratefruit tree. Tim and I are doing well.  Came back with fresh insights and a life-time of work. We're doing life one day at a time.  Sending my love.  Grateful we med! Hope we can stay in touch. If you do email, would love your address.  Jesus has Risen.  It's the joy that knows no end.  Run Hard. Rest Well.   Brenda

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